Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!! Blogtoberfest #27-18

Today is the 31st of October, Halloween.

It not a huge thing here in Australia but slowly growing. Its the one holiday of the year I LOVE!! There is no buying presents for having to sit through boring family meals. You get to have fun dressing up and go out collecting lollies.

I live out in the bush so no trick or treating for me and my kids tonight, though I might make them something Halloween themed for dessert :)

My eldest went to school today as a zombie, though  when we got to the school and she saw no one else (she saw all of 8 people everyone else was inside)  had dressed up she quickly got out a face wipe and washed off all the face paint :(
Yes I was very annoyed, after spending all that money and then taking the time to do it for her ( I even made fake blood) she just wiped it off

So I came home and made my youngest son into a zombie instead....and he LOVES it!

Happy Halloween Everyone :)

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