Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Whoops! - Blogtoberfest #2

These would have to be the luckiest plates ever!

First I rescued them from being left at the tip. My husband had put them in the trailer and I took them out when we were emptying it out on Sunday. After all I still remember eating from these plates when I was a child!

Then today when I pulled up at the shop after picking up my daughter I realized I had left them sitting on my boot ( I sat them there when putting Master 2's car seat in the car). They survived an 8 kilometer trip, most of which is in a 100km/h zone!! How? who knows.  I put it down to my awesome driving skills :P

So the plates from my childhood are now tucked away safe in the cupboard where they should of been all this time!

*Note this post was written out on the 4/10 but I forgot to hit the publish post button.

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