Saturday, October 22, 2011

Catching up - blogtoberfest #15-18

Gosh haven't I been a bit of a slacker!

The past few days have been busy busy (though I feel like I have done nothing) . If I wasn't holding a unsettled baby I was getting organised for my daughters birthday party (for tomorrow) or trying to catch up on the housework.
Most of the past few  days though I have been cuddling Miss L. Thankfully today has been a much more settled day!

So the only exciting things that happened during this week were I took Miss E to get her ears pierced and Miss T got her belly done at the same time
And I got two lots of fluffy mail!

My custom Green Bums
Secondhand Fluff E Stuff I scored cheap

Well its almost midnight, so I better get this birthday cake finished before Miss L wakes for her next  feed.....hang on there is movement in the hammock....the cake will have to wait a bit longer.

*sigh* Looks like another long night for me!

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