Saturday, October 29, 2011

Girlfriend theropy - Blogtoberfest #26

As a mum of 5 time on my own is very rare and its usually just a quick trip to the supermarket and back. So at the start of the week when my friend suggest we go out for tea (also with another friend) I jumped at the chance.
I booked it in with hubby that night and jumped on facebook to discuss the details. Didn't take us long to decide on a time and place.

This week seem to drag, time always does when you looking forward to something. I spent Friday expressing a bottle for little Miss L. Yes my supply is crap so it took me 4 goes to get a total of 120 mls
I was so nervous about leaving Miss L but I knew I  would only be a phone call away and hey after 4 kids I'm sure hubby should know what he is doing by now!

We started the night with a cocktail each, gosh I haven't drank in a very long time and felt it go straight to my head, suck with the free water after that.
I had a death by chocolate frog....took me till the end of my drink to work out why it was called that, the frog part just didn't make sense until I saw him laying in the bottom of the glass lol
MMM just looking at the picture makes me crave another!

It wasn't long and we were chatting our head off, the poor waiter could hardly get our attention when ever he came over lol
We talked about everything and anything it was so so good to get out and just have some me time. I think I really needed it because I haven't been such a grumpy mummy today.

Funny how you don't realise you need something so bad until it has happened.

Fingers crossed we keep our promise to each other to do this once a month from now on.

Bring on our November outing!

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