Monday, October 24, 2011

The Cake reveal - blogtoberfest #21

Yesterday was Miss E's birthday party.
As usual people that didn't RSVP turned up, lucky I had a sense that would happen and prepared for them as well.
Once everyone arrived we played good old pin the tail on the donkey, to which I suspect the winner had cheated because she got it spot bang on and had her head tiled back (my guess is she was looking under the blind fold) But I was gracious and clapped for her handed her prize.

Then it was time for presents, my daughter loves crafts and now has lots to keep her amused.

I set up the doughnut eating game and they were so excited they couldn't stand still...literally!! Have you ever seen what an excited bunch of 8 year old girls? Its loud!!

We then played pass the parcel and before we knew it the mums were due back to pick them up. So it was time for the big cake moment

I was so nervous, Miss E knew her cake was going to be a rainbow layer cake so the pressure was on
We sang happy birthday. The candles were blown out, she missed one, so there were happy squeals of "you have a boyfriend". Then as she drove that (plastic) knife into the cake my heart skipped a few beats.
There is a lot of pressure on mums over the cake you know!
As the first  piece was pulled out there were gasps from all the girls..."Wow that looks awesome"
I let out a huge sigh and realise I was holing my breath... geez woman its just a cake!

I must say even I'm impressed with how it turned out.

S after days of organising, stressing and cooking within what feels like 5 minutes its all over and your left with a huge mess to clean up. But its all worth it just to see the huge smile on your child's face and to have them cuddle you and say "thank you mum that was the best party ever"



  1. Fabulous cake!
    What is with people who don't RSVP? I might be tardy in doing it, but I always do.