Sunday, October 16, 2011

Birthday party ideas

I'm being held hostage by my Velcro baby. I think has a pain in the belly and needs a big poo...sorry probably TMI haha
She wont let me put her in the sling or the wrap,If I do she crys like I have never heard her cry before.
So means I stuck sitting and cuddling her, which means I can't do my housework (not such a bad thing)  or sewing.

Pinterest it is then!! But I will use this time wisely and look for some birthday party ideas. Miss E turns 8 tomorrow and her party is on Sunday.

She wants a cake like this one
Not to sure how to get such a bright purple colour. Every time I have tried to make purple food colour its turned a greyish colour.

Seen as we are having a rainbow cake I thought I would make it a rainbow themed party. Some ideas I have found on pinterest are

Rainbow fruit

Rainbow jelly cups and coloured popcorn in cups

And a col came to play is the doughnut eating game (I will use coloured iced doughnuts)

Now I just need to find some cool decorating ideas!

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