Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We did it Wednesday - Blogtoberfest #3

I have been a follower of Sew Much Ado for awhile now. They have a blog post called We did it Wednesday where you blog about doing something you made, it can be sewing, knitting, cooking anything really and then share the link on their page.

So today (and every Wednesday from now on) I'm joining in the fun.

After spending a beautiful morning the park with friends I came home with the cooking bug. So I have spent the afternoon cooking cookies!

This cookie dough is the yummiest I have ever tasted!! Its impossible to make cookies and not eat any of this dough!!
This time I replaced the choc chips with mini m&ms

Choc Chip Cookies
500grams of butter ( soft)
1 cup of sugar
2 tins of Sweetened Condensed Milk
4 cups of self raising flour
2 packets of choc chips

Whip the butter and sugar. Mix in the condensed milk then mix in the flour. Add the choc chips and stir them through.
Add teaspoon heaps on the dough onto a tray lined with backing paper and cook in a moderate oven for around 10-15 mins or until the edges turn a golden brown.
Leave cookies on the tray to rest for a few minutes before transferring to the cooling rack.

This is recipe  makes up a huge batch of cookies. I usually cook up half and roll the rest in cling wrap and freeze it.

WARNING This dough is orgasmic (when eaten raw) and I hold no responsibility for the inches it may add to your hips!

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