Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Right Now

I saw this on Miss Melly's blog and loved it so I'm going to do it as well

Right Now I am

 feeling Tired because Miss L was up feeding a lot last night
 thinking I should get the sewing machine out tonight
 hearing Mess L starting to stir
 loving my new mannequin
 wondering if i will get this post done before Miss L starts to cry
 appreciating My husband, he has been home so doing the school runs :)
 smelling Honey mustard chicken
 drinking Water
 laughing at Master R trying to make a paper plane
 knowing  I have to get sewing done tonight even though I can't be bothered
 wanting to lose weight
 believing I can and will be organised for the kids market I signed up for in December
 wearing 3/4 length denim pants and a black top

And now Miss L wide  awake so better go :) Phew just got it done in time

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