Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Miss E Blogtoberfest #13-14

Yesterday was my daughters 8th birthday and I started her day with an awesome surprise.

I filled (well not quite filled lol ) her bedroom with helium balloons while she slept.

This is what she saw when she opened her eyes

These balloons have given hours of entertainment to all the kids, even Miss L (3 months old) loves them!

Unfortunately it was a school day so she had to go to school but her grandma picked her (and master L) up at the end of the day and brought them home with doughnuts for afternoon tea. YUM YUM!

Its a family tradition of ours that the birthday person picks what we have for tea (home cooked or takeaways). I was expecting to hear she wanted McDonald (blergh) but no it was probably worse lol it was KFC (double blergh!)
After tea we has chocolate birthday cake for desert and it was bed time for the wee ones

And I was left to sit and wonder where the past 8 years have gone

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  1. Love the balloons...time goes so fast as mums. Looks like the birthday girl would have had a great day.