Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fumming!! Blogtoberfest # 6

I have just read that the leading car seat manufacturer in Australia is bringing out a new baby carrier...and its a bloody crotch dangler!!!

Are they serious!! How can they do this when they are suppose to be about children's safety! Those things are not safe! They damage babies/children's hips and spins. Not to mention how uncomfortable they are for the person wearing them.

Shame on Safe N Sound for putting their money and resources into bring out such a horrible product. They should be putting their efforts into bring extended reward facing to Australia!!

Please please don't buy these sort of carriers for you children. If you going to spend money on a carrier buy yourself a Ergo, a Mei Tai,  a wrap or a sling. They are far better for you child and yourself

Would you like to be hung by your crotch for hours at a time? I think not.
These pictures taken by one of the testers for this new carrier really says it all!!

Here are some really good links about baby wearing
Link 2

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