Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Eventful weekend

The past weekend has been very eventful and not all of it was in a  good way.

My husband left on Friday afternoon for a weekend away in Melbourne with a mate so I took the kids out for tea, they decided on KFC (blergh)

I woke up feeling great Saturday morning so decided I would take the kids for a drive to Rochester (30 mins away) to the first Kids Market Central Vic It was a nice drive and the kids had a wonderful time looking around at all the wonderful handmade items and especially loved getting their faces painted, for free too, gotta love a freebie!

 I think the highlight of the day was the helium balloons. They are still floating about so for a small cost of $2 each (that included a weight) they would have to be the best buy of the weekend!
After we got home the kids where very misbehaved, they always seem to be when hubby is away. That left me feeling very annoyed and upset. I couldn't believe after giving them a great day out ( we also stopped at the park on the way home) they would be so unappreciative.   So their punishment was they didn't get to come to the market in Echuca the next day. Lucky ( or should I say unlucky) for me my mum was able to look after them so I could go and check it out. I was hoping it would be a market I might attend in the near future.
It was a wonderful day, so nice to get out on my own with just Miss L. The market wasn't really what I was expecting, much much smaller so I really didn't feel it was worth doing for the money they charge for stall fee.
On my way home is when my whole weekend fell apart!

My car broke down!!! Normally this wouldn't bother me to much, but with hubby away (so had to get my mums husband to come get me) and the fact we had only a few months beforehand replaced the motor in this very car had me close to tears.
So yes I think it is more of case of being unlucky my mum was free to look after the kids. Turned out to be a pretty disappointing day.

Oh and it looks like the car is dead so I'm currently back driving around in the bush bomb :(

Yes Yes I know it could be worse, I could be stuck without a car, so I should be thankful for the bush bomb but seriously, who would be happy driving around in a car without a radio, the fuel gauge doesn't work and it leaks water so I have to try and remember to keep it topped up...Stressful much!

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