Saturday, March 3, 2012

Adding to the flock

Nope not me, this isn't a pregnancy announcement lol


Ruby ( is a Red Rhode Island)

and Nelly (is a Light Sussex)

Ruby was the first chick to come live with us. I had gone to the bird shop to pick up some food for Chook Chook and Rosie. As always I went through to the back to check out what chickens they had. 
It was love at first site when I saw her (or him, but hopefully not). I'm not sure if it was the fact she was the only one of her kind so she stood out or the fact that she was the smallest and the others (mainly the big Australorp chicks) where stepping all over her a pushing her out of the way of the water and food feeders.
My heart melted and I couldn't leave her there to be bullied. I told the lady I would take her. 
On the drive home I thought about where I would keep her and decided I would turn our big wood box (which happens to be a huge box husbeast got a delivery in once and has no wood in it) into a home for her.
I pulled up home, took her out of the box she was in and walked inside announcing to everyone "meet Ruby"
The kids came rushing over ooo and arrr over her, as I knew they would. 
Husbeast came over and said "who and what is a Ruby"
I announced proudly that Ruby is my new baby chicken. 
Lucky for me Husbeast  is a big softy and as soon as he saw her  he was smitten.

I put her back in her box temporarily while I went and decobwebed the wood box, filled it with wood shavings and set up her water and food feeders.  DH found me a temporary lid (an old flyscreen)
After watching her walk around chirping for a few hours I decided she needed a friend. I ran it past Husbeast first this time, to which he said "I don't care. Get as many chickens as you like". Hmmm you may just regret saying that one day *insert evil laugh*
Defiantly to big for just one baby chicken
The next day while it was just me and the two youngest ones home I ventured back to the bird shop to pick up a friend for Ruby. This time I let Master R pick one out.
So I'm now the proud mamma to two teen chooks and two baby chooks :)
Chook and Rosie haven't taken much interest in the younger ones yet. They jumped up on the edge of the box when they walked past the first time and heard Ruby and Nelly chirping away, They just stood there looking in for a few minutes and then flew back down and wondered off.
At the moment Ruby and Nelly sleep inside due to the cold and  the temporary roof on their box. Husbeast and I will be building a proper lid this week.
Perfect for raising more little chickens LOL

Best friends already ♥♥♥


  1. They are so darn cute....we love our chickens too but they are not as fancy a breed as yours....are they good egg layers (potentially)?

    1. The Wyandottes will lay around 200 eggs a year.
      The Rhode Island red, if looked after well (so lots of free range and good quality food) will lay up to or even more then 200 eggs a year. In their first 12 months their eggs are usually quite large.
      The Sussex will lay approximately 240 to 260 eggs a year. The light (and white) Sussex being the best egg layers out of this breed. Their eggs are also on the large side.
      Chook Chook and Rose where purchased for their looks and Ruby and Nelly because they needed some TLC LOL