Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Do

While husbeast was away in Cairns a few weeks ago for the National Tourism Awards I decided to change my hair style.

(hair was half way down my back)

(just below my shoulders and with a fringe!)
and playing with BeFunky iPhone app

I thought husbeast was going to freak (he always told me never to cut my hair cos he loved it long) but he LOVED my fringe (reminded him of when we first met in our teen years lol) so much he didn't notice the difference in the length

Hmm now I have  fringe maybe I could get my eyebrow re pierced and he wont notice......


  1. Great style....I just love haircut

  2. Oh I love it! The fringe really suits you. I really wish my mop was permanently straight, I'd so rock the straight fringe lol

    1. Thanks :) LOL I don't have straight hair either. If I let it dry naturally it has a bit of a wave to it. So I have to attack my fringe with the straighter when it is dry.