Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Weight loss update

I love going to gym every night. It's funny how quickly it has just become routine. It really helps wash sweat away the stress and tensions of the day.
But I tell you what, I'm really struggling to resisting all those yummy looking Eater eggs filling the supermarkets!

Monday was weigh in day and I was surprised by what the scales were telling me (yes I gave into one or more small chocolate bunnies) that I got off and on them about 4 times. I had lost 2.6 kilos bringing me to a total of 13 kilos in 8 weeks!!


  1. go get them. well done indeed. x

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks G, still a looong way to go though! xx

  3. 13kg is AMAZING! Well done :-) xoxox (P.S. Still waiting for your number! lol) ... hehehe