Sunday, February 26, 2012

That's going to hurt tomorrow.

I think the friend I go walking with is trying to kill me!

I few weeks ago I mentioned heading to one of our local parks (Rosalind Park) because it has a few hills and steps,which would be good to add to our exercise routine

Well tonight she took that suggestion one step further!

Behind the park there is an oval which like most ovals and has a grand stand. Its not a big grand stand but its elevated by 20 steep steps (which by the way there are 4 lots of them). We walked around the oval then run up and down each lot (remember there is 4 of them) of steps, then back around the oval and then again up and down each lot of steps.
So in total we walked 9 laps of the oval and jogged 8 lots of  4x 20steps
So that is a total of around 9 kilometers and 640 steps

BUT it didn't end there, no the torture wasn't over yet. At the top of the park, where we had parked the car there is a poppet head. She  made us walk to the top and back down again. All 124 steps!! OUCH!

Rosalind Park Poppet Head Lookout

Yes the view from the top was worth is but,

OUCH! Its going to hurt tomorrow!!


  1. oooooh I am sure it will be good for you...glad it was you not me!!!!

    1. That is what I kept telling myself. The pain has to be good from me, right? LOL
      Bit sore this morning but not as much as I expected.

  2. Just think how AMAZING you will look from doing something like that on a regular basis!!! (says she from the comfort of her own home!) lol :-)