Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January photo a day challenge - Day 9 & 10

Day 9 - Daily Routine
Routine, whats that?
Since the start of school holidays I have forgotten what a routine is. The house doesn't seem to stay clean for more then 5 minutes, leaving me no time to do anything else. The washing is piling up, the dishes get done when I have a spare 5 minutes from nagging children and well the sewing, I haven't even had the energy to even look at my sewing machine in the past 2 weeks!
But there is one thing I still find the time for (if I didn't, I wouldn't survive past breakfast time)

My morning cup of tea 
(or a pot depending on how much sleep Miss L gives me the night before)

Day 10 - Childhood

As soon as I saw this on the list I knew what I was going to take a photo of! 
Its amazing how after 30+ years something can make such a huge comeback....yes I'm taking about the smurfs!
My childhood T Shirt.
(I think I was around 3 when this fit me)

I'm taking a small break from the Internet (facebook and forums) but I will continue to blog and do my daily photo challenge. I have just found myself falling into a slump (probably the lack of routine) so I'm taking time out to get on top of things and catch up on some sewing. 
I have had a few new patterns sitting here I have been meaning to try out, so starting tomorrow I'm back into it!
Keep your eyes out for some sneak peaks :)


  1. That shirt is priceless....although they don't make smurfs like they used to.xx

  2. Great idea for the Childhood challenge. I wasn't able to think of anything to photograph for that one. I'm enjoying your photos!