Monday, January 9, 2012

January photo a day challenge - Day 7 & 8

Yes I have been a slack blogger again, so I'm doing two days at once, and will do two again tomorrow, I seem to have lost a day somewhere!

Day 7 - Favourite 
I found this one hard, I really didn't know what to blog I have my favourite animals and colours but nothing really else. I don't have a favourite piece of jewelery, no favourite item of clothing or kitchen utensil or a favourite mug. I was starting to think I must be the most boring person on earth.
Than as I was walking out the door Saturday afternoon I grabbed my handbag and it hit me. I have not changed my bag since the day I received this one. For that is huge! I usually change my handbag over at least 3 times a month, I own a gazillion of them,OK maybe not that many but close

I have a favourite handbag!!

And it has one of my favourite animals on it :)

I received this gorgeous bag from another WAHM. Anna from Howieandcharlie We did a swap, I made her some clothing for her girls and she made me this handbag. Its the best handbag I have ever owned and I can't see myself using anything else! Even when I don't have children and need to carry around spare nappies and clothes LOL

Day 8 - My Sky

Today's sky has been so clear and blue with only the slightest whisper of clouds. The perfect sky for star gazing and watching the full moon tonight!

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