Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 4

Today's photo is suppose to be your letter box. I wish I had a cute little letter box to show you but, I live out in the sticks so the mail man visit me. I have a post box instead.
My plan was to take a photo of said post box while I was checking the mail today. BUT today has been one of THOSE know the

  • MUM she sat where I was sitting
  • MUM he kicked me
  • MUM I'm hungry (said 2 minutes after we had lunch)
  • MUM I'm bored
  • MUM she wont get her feet off me
  • MUM he took the pencil I was using
  • MUM I want milk constantly from Master 2
  • And then the constant cat napping from Miss L

One of those days where my husbeast rang and took 2.1 seconds into the conversation to suggest "how about I stop on the way home and get some cocktail frankfurts for tea?"  ♥♥
Yeah I know not the best tea but hey at least they got fed!

Needless to day I didn't make it into town today to take a photo of my post box, but I can share this photo
A few months ago I stopped to check the mail and saw this little guy sitting on the ledge of the post box wall, right under my post box! Isn't he cute!

If I did have a letter box I would want it look like this

Now for some deep breaths, its time for the bed time arguments



  1. "MUM - she looked at me" is a favourite one in our household. Tomorrow is another day.

  2. Yes we get that one too.
    Tomorrow WILL be better!

  3. Hope you all find the rhythm of the holidays...I think the key is to Conquer and with my guys. xx