Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I knew opening that spotlight catalogue would be dangerous, but I did it anyway.
Yep sure enough there is a whole mini catalogue inside the normal one with new quilting fabrics.
Oh but wait whats this, a voucher! Spend $100 and get $40 off. Wow that's awesome, I think to myself.

Yet there was a little voice inside my head telling me that no your not really saving money because if you didn't open the  catalogue you wouldn't even want to go there and spend ANY money at all.
oh shhhh you!

So off to spotlight I go Thinking to myself easy as, I will just spend the exact $100 needed to get the $40 off, making it $40 worth of free fabric. I'm continuing to ignore the little voice in my head thinking about the $60 I didn't budget for fabric this week, wish it would just shoosh up!

I get there and race down toward the new fabrics...YAY their all still there!! I grab the ones I want and start to wonder over to the cutting counter....until a big yellow sign catches my eye... 30% off all poplin.
I will just take a quick look I say to Miss L who is staring up at me from her capsule inside the trolley. she gives me a big grin of approval.

I see a few that grab my eye and put them in the trolley, then a few more...soon Miss L is looking like she is in a fabric roll jungle LOL Really should of taken a photo!

I head to the cutting counter not stopping this time and get what I want cut. Annabel (yes I know them all by name) tells me my total and hands me my card and bundle of fabric.

As I walk back to the font counter where you pay for her items I just keep thinking of those cute animal print fabrics and the  $40 I will be saving...then that voice starts again, but your not saving anything. Your spending money you don't need to spend....PFFT of course I need to spend money on this fabric. I don't own any of these prints!

So how much did I end up spending today at spotlight....One hundred dollars...after the forty was discounted...Yeah, Yeah I know that's actually $140...$40 over what I planned to spend.  Oh well just means I wont be buying any Christmas pressies this biggie

Yes it is, it means you have put off buying Christmas presents for another week. Which means your going to rushing around yet again this year like you did last year and the year before the year before that

Oh shoosh up you!!

Think I need to go drown that voice out with the humming of my sewing machine :)

Want to see what $140 worth of fabric looks like?

Yeah I thought it would be more too lol oh well just look at those cute animal prints!!

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