Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Catch up post

Gosh I didn't realise it had been so long since I posted in here. The days just seem to be going by in such a blur!
I'm still in shock that December is here!

This past week has been hectic! First I had dramas with my chicken coop not arriving after weeks of waiting. Turned out it had been sitting in the local delivery depot because it had been damaged during transit. After lots of emails and me getting very annoyed I finally have a replacement and its all put together. Sadly I'm yet to get my chooks because I can't seem to find anyone local that sells anything other then Isa Browns :(

The end of last week was spent sewing like a mad woman, all day and almost all night for three days/nights. I was running in barley any sleep. Trying to get ready for my market stall. No idea what happened or where to time went, always seems to happen though!

Saturday came and when in a flash, and all those sleepless nights felt like they were for nothing. Not a lot of my stuff sold, which was a bit disappointing but it now means I have lots for my online store.

I'm holding a stocking tomorrow (Wednesday) night.

Here are a few pics of my stall at the market and few things you will see online tomorrow night.


  1. Markets are hard work and can be very unpredictable...don't be disheartened I am sure they will fly out of your online outlet.