Thursday, November 10, 2011

What! Where did October go??

Gosh where has this year gone?!  November is here!!! Which means its almost time for the December (3rd) Children's market :D

This week I have been busy testing out a new pattern and an awesome idea I have for this market, I'm so excited! It turned out better then I expected, and I'm posting it off to my tester tomorrow. The most exciting thing for me is it isn't a clothing item.
I must admit that making the same things over and over had made me lose my sewjo (sewing mojo) but this new item has brought that back in a big way!!

I'm not sure that I will be selling them though my online store, as they are quite popular on other websites/facebook pages but they are something I haven't seen at this market before.
I'm busting to show you a photo but will restrain myself for now, I want to get feedback from my tester to see if she things it needs any changes first.

Hang on, its November, right? OMGosh that means my baby girl is FOUR months old!! What!! No way!
*sigh* they grow up to fast :( Though not really in her case lol she is so small she still fits her newborn nappies hahaha

Cluck Cluck ♥

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