Saturday, November 12, 2011


This weekend here in Bendigo is the Annual Swap Meet. For those that have never been to a swap meet its kind of like a massive outdoor op shop only with a lot more man crap (rusty old car parts and stuff) LOL
After doing a few blockies we scored a parking spot just down the road, usually you have to park 10 kilometers away and hike it there.
I hadn't really even through about what I would be hunting for this year, then as I walked in the gate it hit me...things I can use at my market stalls for displays! I told hubby what I was after so he could keep an eye out as well and we set off.
The first half an hour in and I was feeling a bit disheartened, all there seemed to be was rusty old car parts :(
It wasn't until we reached the oval (had been walking around the perimeter) that things got interested. There was so much to look at! One of the things that caught my eye was a gorgeous old rocking horse that had been done up, for a bargain price of $500..DH didn't think it was such a bargain..spoilt sport! There were so many cute little old style pedal cars, some done up some all rusty and in need of so TLC.

Than after 2 hours of walking around I came across a gorgeous little old wooden chest... it was PERFECT!! And such a score at only $5!!

Its a little darker in colour than what my pics show (silly camera) but its perfect for displaying my new product at my up coming market!!

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