Friday, June 1, 2012

Finished Tattoo

Long time no post!! Whoops that is slack of me!
Every time I go to sit down and write a blog post lately something distracts me and then it never gets done.
Not that anything to interesting has been happening in my life, really just the same old same old.

One thing that did happen that is  worth blogging about, I got my tattoo finished! I love the final result. It looks beautiful!

 (The colours are slightly brighter than it shows in this pic)

I'm now 600 grams off my next 10 kilo (so total of 20 kilos) goal!

Oh and in other weight loss news, I'm doing Round 2 of 2010 Michelle Bridges 12WTB program. It kicks off on Monday. I'm a little nervous about the menu plan, I can be pretty fussy when it comes to food LOL The exercise side of it I have no worries about, over the past 16 weeks I have become a bit of a workout junkie. I love getting into the gym and smashing away my frustrations of the day.
Speaking of which, when I started my diet lifestyle change back in January I couldn't jog to save my life. Today I jogged 2 km on the treadmill!! Beating my previous best effort of 1.25 km :) So proud of myself!!

Time to make a birthday cake and resist eating the off cuts!!!

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