Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Finally got it!

My 10 kilo weight loss reward that is.....

Blah excuse my horrible skin, its not liking the oiliness of the constant application of Bepanthen cream.

Not quite finished, still have the shading in the stem of the feathers to do and the round part of the top of the feathers is to be coloured in.

This wasn't what I had planned on getting. I actually had a swirly outline peacock design all ready to go but cam across a peacock design that I fell in love with and got permission of the designer to use so decided I didn't want two peacock tattoos.
When I saw this design I fell in love. Its perfect! It represents me finally starting to see myself as the beautiful person I am :)

I'm booked in on the 15th go get it finished, hopefully by then I will of reached my 20 kilo goal (I'm sitting on 17 kilos lost) so I can book in for my next tattoo reward :) :)

1 comment:

  1. Wow what a brave reward ...I think I would have settled for some retail therapy myself.....great job though reaching your goal and here's to the next one.
    {It is a very lovely design though xx}