Saturday, June 2, 2012

Master R turns 3!!

Happy 3rd Birthday to my beautiful little man! You make our days so much brighter with your cheeky ways and your sense of humor! We love you more then words can say xoxoxo

 Starting the day with a balloon surprise!

I can't believe Master R is THREE!! Where has the time gone. I still remember the moment the doctors handed him up to me like it was yesterday. My first words were "Wow check out those thighs" HEHE I expected him to be a little chubby but at 10lb 4oz he was my biggest bubba and oh so chubby and cute!! (still is)

I mean really, check out those thighs!

Just a few hours old in his first cloth nappy

So what cake does a three year old boy ask for....HOOT of course!
After searching high and low all over Bendigo for a rice paper Hoot image (because of course I didn't think to look online for one before it was to late) and being unsuccessful I went back to negotiate with Master R. I asked if he would be like a Thomas cake, an elmo cake, a bob the builder cake, a Chuggintion cake.... NOPE NOPE NOPE and NOPE.  It HAD to be a Hoot cake....Bugger!

I had no choice but to make a cake in the shape of Hoot and  I had the biggest hoot fan there was judging me, oh the pressure!!

After many hours of stressful baking and icing this was the result

 Unfortunately I didn't leave enough room for his toes and the butter cream icing went yellow instead of white.
 He doesn't like when people sing happy birthday (he usually cover his ears lol)

Master R couldn't of been happier. He couldn't stop climbing up on the chair to admire him!! Which mind you gave me a heart attack each time he did because all I could see was him knocking it down and it smashing all over the floor!

His present was a hit too :) socceroo in the making I think!


  1. Naww look a little wee bubba. Seems like yesterday he was that tiny.

  2. Belated Happy Birthday to your little man ...what a clever mumma with the cake. xx