Monday, June 11, 2012

Right Now

Right now I am...

Feeling Sore from going to punch in bunches yesterday
Thinking I must get a new ironing board cover tomorrow so I can finish my sewing!
Hearing Miss L chatting. Saying Dad Dad Dad, Gah Gah Gah No fair, where is the mum mum mum!
Loving My gym time
Wondering if subway make all there subs in wraps because Husbeast wants it for dinner
Appreciating My awesome wood fire cos brrr its getting cold outside!
Smelling Myself, I just got home from gym (probably should get changed lol)
Drinking Water
Laughing About the old guy who told me I was looking good. So cute!
Knowing I must get this sewing done so I can start my business back up!!
Wanting My next tattoo for my 20 kilo weight loss reward!
Believing In myself (finally, huge step for me)
Wearing Black gym pants, pink gym top and a black shirt over that. (really should get changed)

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