Friday, December 30, 2011

Holiday Madness

You have no idea how happy I am that the holidays (Christmas/ new years) are almost over. They are so busy, hectic, expensive and stressful!
I was out buying Christmas gifts on Christmas eve, and wrapping presents until 1am!! I promise myself (Like I do every year lol) I will be more organised next year, and I mean it!!

We had a lovely Christmas day. We drove to my sisters house at Pyalong Victoria for Christmas lunch with my family. It was relaxing and the kids had a blast! Then Boxing day we had a BBQ with my partners mum and her hubby. That ended up being a pretty long day and I was glad when I got to crawl into bed at 11pm.
New years eve wont be very exciting. Hubby and DD1 have gone camping with friends. Myself and the other kids didn't go because its going to be 39 degrees for the next few days, YUCK!
So I'm spending New year on the couch watching movies under the air con, and I may even shout myself to a few Midori and lemonades :)

Now just to make it to the end of the school holidays!!

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  1. Happy New year...sounds like a great way to see in 2012.x